Since 1968 our founder began providing quality and affordable logistics services to a myriad of customers and partners.

In 1990 we opened our first Los Angeles World Airport office focusing on Brokerage, Courier and Import services. During the proceeding decades, Premiere Customs Brokers Inc. has continued it's success of service.

In 2011 with the launch of our NVOCC Freight Forwarding division Premiere Logistics Inc. we have expanded our service offerings to cover the full spectrum of logistics service needs.

In 2014 with an eye to the future Premiere Customs Brokers Inc. introduced more industry leading solutions to service an ever complex and diversified market place.

In 2016 and beyond we're expanding our global service footprint to include Canada, Europe, Asia and Oceania, while utilizing EDI services to automate and expedite your shipping needs.

As a member of the worlds largest independent freight network, the WCA Family of Logistics Networks IGLN, we have the strength and reliability of over 5,200 partners in 190 countries covering more than 750 cities and ports worldwide.

Premiere Customs Brokers inc. is your Premiere Customs Brokerage provider.

strength and reliability